Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioners

Jane and Stephanie

Our Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified in giving telephone advise, treatment of minor illness and injuries as well as being able to prescribe. The nurse can phone you back on the number of your choice and depending on the nature of your illness will provide you with the appropriate treatment/appointment.

Practice Nurses

Debbie and Teresa

With the skills of wound dressings, immunisations, ear syringing, blood tests, vaccination advice, new patient registrations, blood pressure monitoring, dietary / weight management support, management of respiratory disease, diabetes and heart disease, baby immunisations, smoking cessation, smears, young persons’ clinics and contraception advice.

Health Care Assistant

Blood tests, blood pressure, health checks, smoking cessation, dressings and suture removal. Injections (B12, flu & pneumonia only), spirometry and weight management.