Appointments can be made:

To use SystmOnline you must register for online services.

Please make a separate appointment for each person. Urgent cases will be seen as soon as possible. Please be considerate if someone else needs to be given priority.

If you are not able to attend an appointment, please let us know in plenty of time so that we can allocate that appointment time to someone else.

Online services

Once you have registered to online services, visit SystmOnline to log on.

Below are the appointments currently available to book online.

Session/Clinic Type

Appointment Type

GP routine A non-urgent appointment with a GP.
Use one routine appointment per problem.
No minor operations can be booked into these appointments.
Blood test (must have form) A blood sample will be taken.
You must have been told to book a blood test and had a blood form created.
Ear Syringing Must have used eardrops / olive oil (2-3 drops twice a day) for at least 10 days prior to the appointment.
INR Test This is for an INR blood test only.
Cervical Screening Must have had a screening invitation letter.
Sexual Health Use this appointment for one of the following: Pill check, Coil check, STI test or Sexual health advice