Unfortunately we are very short staffed at present.

Unfortunately we are very short staffed at present.

It is taking longer to answer your calls and for this we apologise but please be kind when we are able to answer; we are trying our best to be as quick as we can while also dealing with each patient as needed. Some calls may take 1 or 2 minutes, others may take 15 but each patient deserves our full attention even when we are short staffed and this is what we strive for.

You can get help and information for many common illnesses and ailments via your local pharmacy and https://111.nhs.uk/ and we would suggest doing this in the first instance, if appropriate.

We are also trying to utilise our website more for those who are able to access it. There are many resources on there which are ideal for enquiries, test results and prescription questions. You can also request routine Nurse appointments or complete a patient triage form (these latter options go live at 8:30am Mon-Fri and are open until we reach capacity. The time of this varies each day)

Prescription queries are now dealt with after 2pm. This is to try and free up the phone lines in the morning for people to contact us to book appointments. Please call after 2pm and choose option 1. If you have online services you can view and track prescription requests using the airmid app – more information is available here: /online-requests/

Please try to only contact us at the moment if absolutely necessary. We know that change can be frustrating but we are trying our best to find ways to accommodate the various needs of our patients.

We appreciate your kindness and patience at this time.